FAQ - Common Questions & Answers about renting equipment

Q- How soon in advance should I make reservations?
A- Early planning is always best and ensures product availability. A 25% deposit, made within a week of creating your invoice, is used to confirm an order that verifies the equipment is available for your function.

Q- Does the rental fee include delivery?
A- Delivery is offered as a service to the customer and a delivery fee is added as a line item to the rental contract. Delivery fees vary according to mileage, difficulty of equipment placement, and time of day. Delivery fees are NOT negotiable. Delivery fees are subject to change without notice due to the volatility of fuel prices. The customer that pays a deposit to confirm a reservation will secure a delivery fee that is currently in place. Balance of payment is always due at the time of delivery.

Q- When will the items be delivered?
A- Items rented for a weekend event typically would be delivered on Friday and picked up on Monday. This will give you plenty of time to setup and decorate. If we need to deliver/pickup on days other than Friday and Monday, this will be at not extra charge to you. Please be aware that rates quoted are for a single use and delivery charges are for time out away from the warehouse, whether the equipment is used or not.

Q- What if I’m not there when the truck delivers/picks up?
A- It is best to make arrangements, with our office staff, to have someone there on the day of delivery to confirm the quantity and condition of the items. Unless other arrangements are made, generally a signature and balance of payment due at the time of delivery. Failure to provide either of these can cause the truck to leave without unloading the equipment.

Q- Do I have to wash the china and flatware before returning?
A- China, glassware and flatware must be rinsed, free of food, and placed back in their racks/containers. A cleaning fee of up to the rental price may be charged if items are not rinsed.

Q- How do I prepare the linens for return?
A- Linens should be free of food and candle wax. Linens are delivered in plastic bags, but should not be placed in plastic bags after use as this may cause mildew. If the linens have mildew or wax there will be an additional charge of at least $15.00 per cloth. All linen should be returned in the designated laundry bag for your order.

Q- How should I prepare tables and chairs for pick up?
A- Tables and chairs should be folded closed and stacked just as they were delivered (bottom facing upwards with the legs folded correctly).

Q- What happens if something is broken, damaged, or missing?
A- The customer is responsible for the equipment from the time of delivery/rental until the time of pickup/return. Charges for broken, damaged, or missing equipment will be added to your contract and emailed or mailed to you.

Q- Why are you guys so darned picky about everything?
A- We do this for a living, and we pride ourselves in being as professional as possible. We help more people get married or have a significant event every weekend than most people have in their lives. We will strive to help make your event a complete success with a minimal amount of stress. The following guidelines will help ensure a successful outcome:

          1.  If you change/update your order, we will email you a copy of the changed order. You MUST read it and verify that the changes are correct. It protects both of us that no mistake has been made on any change of an order. If you do not read over your order after we have emailed it, there will be very little time to help you on the day of your rental/event. Please read every contract that we send you, because for every change that you make, we’ll send you an updated copy of the order.

          2.  Please know that if we make a mistake, we will fix it. We just need to know in time to fix it. If anything is wrong with your order, please contact us the minute that you become aware of a problem and we will jump over the moon to help.

          3.  We really do enjoy the fact that your event is special, but please understand that the more you change your order, the greater chance there is that there may be an error. In keeping changes to a minimum, we will make every effort to help you have the best event possible. It will only help our business for your event to make big smiles!